Reeves Extruded Products Inc.

We Shape Your Solutions

Reeves Extruded Products, LLC continues to operate as we meet the California and CISA requirements for an Essential Business as we produce on a daily basis the parts necessary for other Essential Businesses to operate, including but not limited to healthcare equipment, healthcare facilities, transportation services, industrial manufacturing, , grocers, construction and agriculture.

We Are

Reeves Extruded Products Inc.

Reeves Extruded Products is a custom extruder of lighting, aerospace, display and other industrial profiles made from acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS and other specialty compounds. We lead the market in optical and prismatic lenses, tubes, coextrusion, bending, and post production fabrication and assembly.


Quality at Reeves starts with the initial design to our in-house tooling shop and continues throughout the production process until received at your dock. We test optics for light transmission, measure dimensions with an optical comparator, test fit with functional fixtures, and visually inspect and sleeve every part.

Value Added Services

Reeves provides value added services to simplify your supply chain. We can take a design from concept to production samples in your hand in less than three weeks. Our eight extrusion lines allow us to flex as necessary to ensure we keep you in stock, be it rush orders or large volumes. We also provide several downstream fabrication and assembly processes including drilling, punching, routing, thermoforming, and sonic welding.

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